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Vacuuming is Not Enough: Why Your Business Needs Professional Carpet Cleaning

Beyond a tidy appearance, regular professional cleaning helps extend the life of your office carpeting.

Regular vacuuming goes a long way in removing dirt and grime from office carpets. But unless they are appropriately maintained, carpeted floors in high-traffic business facilities can undergo noticeable wear and damage. While vacuumed floors might look clean, even frequent vacuuming won’t keep carpets free from harmful bacteria and unseen debris that can cause fibers to fray. Periodically having your commercial carpet cleaned by professionals will extend its life and create a healthier work environment for your team.

What you see—and don’t see.

Vacuuming keeps your office carpets looking neat overall by removing visible loose impediments. However, deep-down dirt that vacuums can’t thoroughly capture can break down carpet fibers, and soil that collects in high-traffic areas can cause traffic patterns to appear. The result is flooring that looks worn and neglected.

Unclean carpets can cause more than just appearance problems. When bacteria and germs take up residence deep inside your carpet, they can lead to offensive odors and unhealthy air quality. And in extreme cases, they can even make employees sick.

Reputable commercial carpet cleaning services have professional-grade equipment designed to remove even deeply rooted residue from your office flooring. As a result, your carpet will look fresher and cleaner, and the improved air quality will help keep your staff healthier.

Professionals also employ industrial-strength cleaning products capable of removing embedded stains while applying stain-resistant treatments that safeguard against future staining and other damage resulting from heavy foot traffic. Another product consideration is the environment. For example, at CorpClean, we use non-toxic, environmentally friendly cleaning products.

Dust, dirt, and other debris will inevitably find their way into carpet fibers and, thus, the air we breathe. Qualified professional commercial cleaning services can effectively remove those harmful elements from the carpet.

How often should you clean your carpets?

While every facility maintenance plan should incorporate professional carpet cleaning, each business is unique. Carpet cleaning frequency can depend on several factors.

The building type is one deciding element. For example, physician offices and healthcare facilities must follow stringent cleaning and sanitation regulations. And in the age of Covid, most are increasing the frequency of deep carpet cleaning.

Foot traffic amounts—from visitors and workers alike—also influence how often carpets require cleaning. For most office buildings, once every six months should be enough. However, at CorpClean, we recommend quarterly cleaning in high traffic areas, such as busy lobbies, hallways, and dining rooms.

Depending on your business, you might need to consider any seasonal fluctuations, such as harsh outdoor weather conditions or higher retail foot traffic during busy holidays. And because of the spill-prone nature of their industries, restaurants and bars should clean their carpets at least quarterly.

A carpet’s color, nap, and pile type also influence how often you should clean it. For instance, high naps and light colors usually require more frequent cleaning.

With regular cleanings, carpet fibers can remain strong and durable, extending the carpet’s life and saving your business money over time.

Finding the right cleaning service.

Even when the rest of your building appears sparkling clean, dirty carpeting can leave a negative image. If you want to impress clients visiting your business, professional carpet cleaning services should be a part of your regular cleaning routine.

While finding a professional cleaning service that can keep your carpets looking great is essential, choosing one that won’t disrupt your business also matters. At CorpClean, we offer carpet cleaning schedules customized to meet your specific needs. We’ll create a floor care program featuring preventative measures and regularly scheduled cleaning that preserves and maintains your carpet.

Periodically having your commercial carpet cleaned by professionals will extend its life and create a healthier work environment for your team.

CorpClean’s floor care services protect hard surfaces from discoloration, wax build-up, peeling, and scratches and keeps carpets looking and smelling clean.