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Curb Appeal Matters: 8 Steps to Ensuring Your Building Puts Its Best Foot Forward

The only thing harder than making a good impression is making up for a bad one.

People make judgments almost immediately, and your commercial building’s exterior appearance can make or break their perceptions. If your business looks clean and well maintained on the outside, people will assume the same is true inside.

You want to present an inviting environment that shows you care about the products and services provided within the building’s walls by its people. Here are a few steps you can take to improve your facility’s curb appeal:

1. Clean your building’s exterior seasonally or at least annually.

Brick or other siding materials, the roof, and gutters tend to get neglected until they look bad. Staying ahead of the cleaning will keep your building looking fresh and new and may cut down on repair work.

2. Keep sidewalks swept and parking lots free of debris.

Be sure to fix any cracks that develop right away. Not only does this improve the appearance, but damaged and uneven walkways are a potential hazard and insurance risk.

3. Wash windows inside and out at least monthly.

Sparkling clean windows show attention to detail and make everything appear brighter and more hygienic.

4. Manage your company’s waste.

Schedule regular trash pickup. Don’t leave dumpsters in a visible location on your property. If the containers get old and battered, request your waste management company to provide new ones. Create a fenced area to provide screening. No one wants to see yesterday’s Taco Tuesday lunch remnants.

5. Keep pests at bay.

Pest control inspections and treatments should be scheduled quarterly or more frequently, depending on the property’s location and internal activities. Specific factories may require unique applications depending on their production. Visible signs of rodents, cockroaches, and other unsightly critters are an instant turnoff to anyone entering your building.

6. Install proper exterior signage.

The right signage will make way-finding easier for everyone entering your site. Make sure all signs are visible from a distance. Customers and visitors will appreciate the easy navigation directing them to their desired destination.

7. Make certain designated smoking areas are not visible as visitors approach or leave the grounds.

Every worker is entitled to their breaks; however, having idle workers gathered outside your building does not convey a message of confidence.

8. Landscaping is one of the best methods to improve your building’s curb appeal.

It goes a long way in providing a welcoming and uplifting atmosphere for both visitors and employees. A few simple plantings of trees, shrubbery, and flowers can make a huge difference. It’s a low-cost investment that will last for years. Don’t forget to schedule pruning and trimming to keep everything looking good as seasons change.


Curb appeal should be a vital component of your ongoing cleaning and maintenance regimen. The outward appearance of your company is a direct reflection of your brand. If people see a well-kept and inviting property upon their approach, it will generate an immediate positive opinion about your company and its products and services. Taking these extra steps will create a professional environment. Take pride in your building, and employees will respect it as well. And customers will take notice and appreciate your attention to detail.

Office managers don’t always know how to secure these services and who to contact, so they hire multiple services—one for cleaning and property maintenance, another for grass cutting or snow removal, and a third for window washing. CorpClean can help reduce redundancy by providing many of these services. We’ll assess your company’s needs and make the proper arrangements.

Let us make your job easier and coordinate your cleaning and maintenance services. Then you’ll know, “It’s taken care of.”

If your business looks clean and well maintained on the outside, people will assume the same is true inside.

Your building’s curb appeal is our priority.